Eurovision Film on Netflix to be released on June 26th

The preperations for the film took Netflix four years but this weekend they finally gave us the release date and more. The film will be called Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga starring American comedian Will Ferrell and Canadian Mean Girls actress Rachel McAdams.

Takeover Throwback: Eurovision 1991

A small glance over the 36th annual Eurovision Song Contest, held on 4 May 1991 in Rome. Winner, voting incidents, returning artists and much more through our point of view.

Takeover Throwback: Eurovision 1989

A small glance over the 34th annual Eurovision Song Contest, held on 6 May 1989 in Laussane. Winner, voting incidents, returning artists and much more through our point of view.

The five Romanian songs have been released! Listen below.

The five songs to be sung by Roxen in the Romanian Eurovision selection have been released. You can listen via TVR’s playlist or click down below. A review of the five songs will be coming shortly through the Three-Minute Throwdown Series (previews of Slovenia and Ukraine, whose national finals are this weekend, are available). Which…

Le choix français: Tom Leeb chosen as French representative to Rotterdam

After multiple reports that France would choose internally, scrapping the Destination Eurovision format that selected Madame Monsieur (“Mercy”) and Bilal Hassani (“Roi”, King), France Télévisions has announced that Tom Leeb will represent the Tricolore for Eurovision 2020. According to the official Eurovision site, the actor, singer, and comedian will reveal the representative song soon. Tom…

What’s Up Weekly: 26 December

Your (bi-)weekly dose of Eurovision happenings, featuring a Festivali i Këngës wrap-up, this year in retrospect, and more!

Albania: Arilena Ara To Eurovision 2020

After three nights of performances, “Shaj” was rated most highly by the jury consisting of current Melodifestivalen supervisor and American Song Contest producer Christer Björkman, Greek producer (Sergey Lazarev’s Eurovision songs, among others) Dimitris Kontopoulos, Icelandic Head of Delegation Felix Bergsson, Albanian ethnomusicologist Mikaela Minga, and Albanian poet Rita Petro. In effect, Arilena will represent…