Le choix français: Tom Leeb chosen as French representative to Rotterdam

After multiple reports that France would choose internally, scrapping the Destination Eurovision format that selected Madame Monsieur (“Mercy”) and Bilal Hassani (“Roi”, King), France Télévisions has announced that Tom Leeb will represent the Tricolore for Eurovision 2020. According to the official Eurovision site, the actor, singer, and comedian will reveal the representative song soon. Tom…

What's Up Weekly: 12 January

Your (bi-)weekly dose of Eurovision happenings, featuring a vision for the new year, artist announcements, the beginnings of new national finals, and more!

Eurofiles – United Kingdom – Part 2

Nothing says “Michael, you’re being bias” by doing a two parter on your own country. In the last article. we talked about the 50s, the swinging 60s and the groovy 70s so now we’re talking about the 80s. The decade where Live Aid got us all giving money to charity, the fall of the Berlin Wall united two sides of Germany and three people went on the Eurovision stage singing about Golden Shoes (We’ll talk about you soon Sweden).

What’s Up Weekly – 28 October

Your weekly dose of Eurovision happenings, featuring Linda Martin, opening ceremonies, slogans, The Eurovision Takeover, and much more!

#UNITED: Introducing The Eurovision Takeover 2020!

ESCtakeover is proud to announce the second edition of The Eurovision Takeover, a site project that aims to bring the fans what they want in elegant fashion. The live show will be on 2 May, and it will air live on 3 May. What is The Eurovision Takeover? At ESCtakeover, we try to give fans…

Exclusive: An Interview With Kseniya Simonova

ESCtakeover are proud to present an exclusive interview with Got Talent and Eurovision sand artist star Kseniya Simonova, from Ukraine. You can find out more about her here. First of all, how are you doing? You’ve just performed in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions and made it all the way to third! Congratulations. Thank you!…

Cyprus says…This is a man’s world!

RIK, the Cypriot national broadcaster, has revealed that after Eleni Foureira with “Fuego” and Tamta with “Replay”, they are bound to send a male act to represent the island in Rotterdam.

Eurovision’20: The Ticket Scam You Need To Avoid

Recently, it was announced that the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest would take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on the 12th, 14th and 16th of May. Since that release of information, external ticketing companies have been coming up with ideas to make money, for example: by selling fake tickets. As noted in the Eurovision Song Contest…