Meet our Team

Welcome the ESCtakeover team. Eurovision fans from all around the world working together to deliver excellent Eurovision news & content. Here you can find out a little more about each one and contact them if you need to.

Evan Walker

Position: Editor & Administrator

Born in the UK, Evan has been a Eurovision fan since 2012, his favourite Eurovision song ever being Zena with ‘Like It’. Contact Evan via Email here:

Owen Purcell

Position: Main Editor & Contributor

Born in the UK with Scandinavian heritage, Owen began watching Eurovision back in 2009, with his favourite Eurovision entry being ‘Only Teardrops’ in 2013. Contact Owen via Email here:

Cindy van Bree

Position: Writer

Born in The Netherlands, Cindy has been an avid Eurovision fan since 2015, first watching the contest in 2012. Contact Cindy via Email here:

Stil Pavlov

Position: Social Manager

From Spain, Stil has been a Eurofan since 2015, and in April 2018, he opened his first ESC fanpage. Contact Stil via Email here:

Erion Gega

Position: Writer

Born in Kosovo, Erion is a huge Eurovision fan. Contact Erion via Email here:

Teun de Jager

Position: Writer

From Den Bosch, the Netherlands, Teun started watching Eurovision in 2013, where he watched it with his grandparents. In 2016, he became a huge fan! Contact Teun via Email here:

Ellie Ayrton

Position: Writer

From England, Ellie is our newest member, who loves Eurovision because of its ‘celebration of culture, diversity and variety’. Contact Ellie via Email here:

Felix Wilke

Position: Writer

Felix has been a Eurovision fan since 2013, but first watched it in 2010 when Lena won for his home country, Germany. Contact Felix via Email here:

Ben Griebel

Position: Social Manager & Writer

From north-west Germany, Ben has been an ESC fan since 2015. He also runs a popular Eurovision fan page. Contact Ben via Email here: