The Eurovision Takeover

ESCtakeover is the official media partner of The Eurovision Takeover, the annual Eurovision Pre-Party event, taking place at the end of April in 2020. The event took place in Newcastle upon Tyne, a small city in the United Kingdom last year, and will be travelling to Newcastle once again next year. This year’s motto is ‘United’ and rightfully so. The meaning behind the slogan is quite simple; Eurovision brings everyone together, anyone of any gender, race and sexuality. This year’s event will be bigger and better and ESCtakeover is incredibly proud and honoured to be part of the gathering.

How It Works

This year’s Eurovision Takeover will be taking place for the second time. The show will be live-streamed on Youtube and other streaming platforms. The show will be hosted by Evan Walker and will preview all of the 26 acts which will perform in the final. These 26 acts have been decided on odds, voting simulations, typical voting patterns and more. Before the show, the acts will be placed in a running order, just like the Eurovision Song Contest. During the event, we will see all 26 countries’ preview videos and observe exclusive light shows, specifically designed for each song. Like Eurovision, we will also see interval acts to allow short breaks for the audience and everyone at home. You may not be able to see these, dependant on copyright conditions. Once everyone has seen the 26 competing acts, everyone will be shown two recaps and the voting will open. The audience, and those watching at home, will be granted the opportunity to vote for their favourite ten acts, giving their votes as Eurovision points. Whilst the votes are being counted, another interval act will be shown.

Presenting The Votes

After the voting has closed and the interval is completed, it will be time for the voting process. This will be conducted in a similar fashion to the Eurovision Song Contest’s current voting method. First, we will travel around the world and receive the jury votes. These votes have been taken from an accurate voting simulation and will be announced country by country, with a pre-recorded spokesperson reading out the votes. Once we have received the jury votes, we’ll take a look at the top five and move onto the most exciting part, the televotes. These votes are from everyone: The audience and you guys at home. We’ll announce these votes just like Eurovision does to increase the excitement. Everyone at home will be shown the presentation of votes on their screen so that they can view them. And voila! We will crown our winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

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