On Stale Artistry in Melodifestivalen: An Editorial

A response to Rebecca Haimi’s article about Mariette, Melodifestivalen, and musical mediocrity.
Ett svar på Rebecca Haimis artikel gällande Mariette, Melodifestivalen och musikalisk medelmåttlighet.

Three-Minute Throwdown: Israel 2020 Edition

Breaking down the four songs Eden Alene is scheduled to sing at 20:30 CET on Tuesday. One of these songs will represent Israel in the upcoming 65th edition of Eurovision.

Three-Minute Throwdown: Estonia 2020 Edition

Inside: an in-depth preview of all 12 songs competing on Saturday at 19:30 EET (18:30 CET) to represent Estonia in 2020, succeeding Victor Crone, who is competing in his home Melodifestivalen this year.

United Kingdom: Announcement To Be Made On 29th February?

Please note that this article is merely based on predictions and is not deemed to be a factual source. So, as some of you may have seen, several rumours are spreading around social media sites about who will represent the United Kingdom in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. It was revealed that the BBC would…

First Opening & Interval Acts Revealed For Eurovision 2020

The first interval and opening acts who will perform in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest have been revealed by Eurovision.tv. During the grand final of Eurovision 2020, seven past Eurovision acts will join together to reprise their winning songs. These artists are; Gigliola Cinquetti (Italy 1964) Lenny Kuhr (Netherlands 1969) (Teach-In) Getty Kaspers (Netherlands 1975)  Sandra…