Eurofiles – United Kingdom – Part 2

Nothing says “Michael, you’re being bias” by doing a two parter on your own country. In the last article. we talked about the 50s, the swinging 60s and the groovy 70s so now we’re talking about the 80s. The decade where Live Aid got us all giving money to charity, the fall of the Berlin Wall united two sides of Germany and three people went on the Eurovision stage singing about Golden Shoes (We’ll talk about you soon Sweden).

Eurofiles – United Kingdom – Part 1

The United Kingdom has got a fascinating history with the Eurovision Song Contest by taking part 62 times since 1958, coming second 15 times and winning the contest 5 times. Great Britain used to be the headline act and bring out their big stars but since the 21st Century, United Kingdom have had a long chain of bad result by coming last 4 times.