Greece: Maria Kozakou to commentate on Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light

Greek broadcaster ERT held a press conference today, with details regarding the famous landmark they will light up for the show and to whom will commentate the night’s entertainment.

41 monuments will be lit for Europe Shine A Light which will be broadcast across continents on Saturday the 16th of May, celebrating how the event can unite countries in tough times. Among those 41 monuments will be the Acropolis in Greece, which will be lit especially for the event. Director Giannis Georgioudakis spoke during the press conference, stating that four different recordings were sent to the European Broadcasting Union, allowing the editors to pick the best-looking version.

Also revealed during the press conference was the commentator of the event. Journalist Maria Kosakou will commentate on the live event from Estonia, as she could not return to Greece from Tallinn due to the current situation. A special premise will be set up by Estonian broadcaster EST for Maria and the Greek delegation to deliver the commentary to ERT.

Dimitris Kontopoulos, composer of ‘Superg!rl’, also revealed that he had already started work on the 2021 entry for Stefania. Greece’s 2020 entry will be shown for 30 seconds during Shine A Light and Stefania will make an appearance during the formation of all 41 artists, singing 1997 winning entry ‘Love Shine A Light’.

Article Source: OGAE Greece

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