Jeangu Macrooy thinks he ‘could have won’ this year’s contest

Instead of rehearsing in Ahoy this week, Dutch singer Jeangu Macrooy spends his time at home writing his entry for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. In an interview with Dutch newspaper Het Parool today he comments on this year’s contest: ‘I could have won’.

Macrooy would have represented The Netherlands in the contest this year with ‘Grow’. The Dutch delegation decided that he may represent the country next year in Rotterdam, with a different song. ‘I understand why the organisation doesn’t want the songs to circulate for too long,’ the singer tells Het Parool. ‘Everyone has to have the same chance to win. That is hard if one song has become a huge hit and another hasn’t. Yet I was very disappointed when I heard it. I am very proud of the song and I had a lot of faith in what we would do with it.’

Together with Belgian director Hans Pannecoucke he made a plan about how ‘Grow’ would have looked like on stage: ‘The power of the song was the simplicity and slow build-up. With the director we wanted that naked vulnerability building to something hopeful and euphoric. I would begin on my own, later there would also step backing vocals in the light. But anyway, we will never see. ‘

Before it was announced the contest had been cancelled this year, Macrooy already checked out the songs of his competition. After comparing he still had faith in Grow. ‘According to the bookmakers we were the underdog. But I really had faith in that we would put something beautiful out there. If the audience then through the screen would recognize the universal emotion, we could have won.’

Macrooy still hasn’t written his new song yet. According to him the huge difference is that he didn’t write Grow for Eurovision. ‘Now I know that one of the songs I will write in the coming months will go to the Songcontest,’ he explains. ‘It won’t be a Grow part two. That would be very boring for myself. I hope that everything will come naturally, that I can write about the state of my life and the world around me.’

Article sources: Parool, RTLnieuws

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