Spain: Blas Cantó to go with ‘Something Completely Different’ to Universo in 2021

Blas Cantó, who was supposed to represent his nation Spain in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest which was cancelled, has announced he has different plans for his 2021 participation.

Cantó was one of the first confirmed representatives in the 2021 contest, after his track ‘Universo’ was scrapped due to the unprecedented cancellation of Eurovision 2020. Today he announced his plans for his participation in next year’s contest, including bringing the same team who supported him for this year’s contest in Rotterdam, to next year’s contest. Blas discussed his song too.

I think you have to come up with something new, something totally different. Maybe production sounds would remain, like guitar types or samplers, like when you make an album. But not carrying the same thing, it has to be something different, a new chapter

Blas Cantó – Speaking to Eurovision-Spain

He also added that ‘Universo’ would have been ‘a spectacular performance’ and he will definitely take the same backing singers with him in 2021.

”I hope that everyone who was going to Eurovision with all the enthusiasm will recover their money and solve their problems with the trip. See you there next year”

Article Source: Eurovision-Spain

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