The Voice of Poland to Rotterdam: Alicja Szemplińska to Represent Poland with “Empires”

After a day filled with finals, Poland went in for an encore with their three-act national final, Szansa na sukces. The songs that were available were reviewed in as much depth as possible for one take. However, the winner of The Voice of Poland in 2019, Alicja Szemplińska, had not released her song. Indeed, after two rounds of singing (one cover and the song to be performed should they be chosen to represent Poland) and voting, Szemplińska emerged victorious, receiving top marks from both the jury and the televoters. The song can be found below.

The song, performed in C minor, features a cello solo accompanied by a steady piano. Szemplińska’s voice is about as dark as Katerine Duska’s (Greece 2019), pizzicato (plucked) strings in the verse that transition to arco (bowed) in the pre-chorus. Guitars come in during the chorus, which emanates a James Bond sort of dramaticness in the pop orchestra arrangement and slowly moving harmonies. The drop-out of all but strings, drums, and vocals at the beginning of the chorus that includes 1:52 reminds me of a combination of the dawn of an inevitable war (with the snare-heavy drums often used in military marches) and the string quartet that played in the 1997 version of Titanic while the ship was sinking.

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Photo: TVP via

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