First Opening & Interval Acts Revealed For Eurovision 2020

The first interval and opening acts who will perform in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest have been revealed by

During the grand final of Eurovision 2020, seven past Eurovision acts will join together to reprise their winning songs. These artists are;

  • Gigliola Cinquetti (Italy 1964)
  • Lenny Kuhr (Netherlands 1969)
  • (Teach-In) Getty Kaspers (Netherlands 1975) 
  • Sandra Kim (Belgium 1986)
  • Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan (Ireland 1994)
  • Alexander Rybak (Norway 2009)
  • Duncan Laurence (The Netherlands 2019)

Renowned motivational speaker and breakdancer Redo (Redouan Aiit Chit) will perform as the opening act in the second semi-final.

‘Redo was born with several physical malformations. He has a shorter right arm, which lacks an elbow joint, and has a total of 5 fingers – 2 on the right hand and 3 on the left. He is also missing his right hip, has a shorter right leg, and walks with the aid of a prosthetic. Despite these complications, Redo never allowed his situation to negatively affect his life.’

Extract from
Second Semi-Final Opening Act (Redo)

Edsilia Rombley will not only appear in Eurovision 2020 as a presenter but she will also appear in both semi-finals and the grand final as a taxi driver! She will be driving around the city of Rotterdam and four previous Eurovision Song Contest winners will also be joining her: Ruslana (Ukraine 2004), Anne Marie-David (Luxembourg 1973), Izhar Cohen (Israel 1978) and Niamh Kavanagh (Ireland 1993).

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