Sanremo 70: Diodato to represent Italy in Rotterdam

After over six hours of show, the entire world now knows that performer Antonio Diodato has emerged victorious with the song “Fai rumore” (Make some noise) and will perform in Rotterdam and fly the Bandiera d’Italia live for the world to see.

Before the winners were announced, 23 acts performed, all discussed in our Three-Minute Throwdown. There were to be 24 originally; however, Morgan and Bugo (“Sincero”) were disqualified after a public spat and their stage desertion during their performance on day 4. Instead of sticking with the original lyrics, Morgan changed the lyrics to what Bugo took as a personal attack. Bugo exited the stage. This follows a week of pent-up emotions after poor results from the duo.

The spectacle on Friday.

Placements were announced, scattered by interval acts and advertisements. After Pinguini Tattici Nucleari were announced as third place, prizes were announced. Diodato’s song won the attention of critics and the press. Rancore won the prize for the best lyrics. Tosca won the prize for the best musical composition. Francesco Gabbani won the TIMmusic prize given to the most streamed song on the Italian platform.

After this, the name of the winner was announced. Diodato was named the winner. Watch the announcement below:

The votes were cast with 34% weight on televote and 33% weight on both the representative demographic jury and press jury. The televote numbers for the top 3 acts were thus:

Televote numbers. Copyright RAI.

This suggests that Diodato won the jury vote strongly and may fare similarly well come May. The staging, show, and any relevant edits may come later; keep yourself posted via ESCtakeover!

Full results are below.

  1. Diodato – Fai rumore
  2. Francesco Gabbani – Viceversa
  3. Pinguini Tattici Nucleari – Ringo Starr
  4. Le Vibrazioni – Dov’è
  5. Piero Pelù – Gigante
  6. Tosca – Ho amato tutto
  7. Elodie – Andromeda
  8. Achille Lauro – Me ne frego
  9. Irene Grandi – Finalmente io
  10. Rancore – Eden
  11. Raphael Gualazzi – Carioca
  12. Levante – Tikibombom
  13. Anastasio – Rosso di rabbia
  14. Alberto Urso – Il sole ad Est
  15. Marco Masini – Il confronto
  16. Paolo Jannacci – Voglio parlarti adesso
  17. Rita Pavone – Niente (Resilienza 74)
  18. Michele Zarrillo – Nell’estasi o nel fango
  19. Enrico Nigiotti – Baciami adesso
  20. Giordana Angi – Come mia madre
  21. Elettra Lamborghini – Musica (E il resto scompare)
  22. Junior Cally – No grazie
  23. Riki – Lo sappiamo entrambi

Image copyright Biographie.

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