Enshrined in History: Melodifestivalen to introduce a Hall of Fame

Throughout Sweden’s television history, Melodifestivalen has attracted significant crowds yearly, both on the airwaves and in person. Now, SVT reports that a Hall of Fame will be created to showcase the show’s most iconic acts.

This year, Sweden will crown its 60th winner. During the Andra Chansen show on 29 February, the show will be lengthened to a minimum 1 hour and 45 minutes in order to honor the 48 entries from the past that will be inducted. Each week during the 4 semi-finals, 12 of the 48 will be announced. An additional 6 will join the starting 48 each year starting next year. These additional six will either be selected from remarkable acts from at least 10 years back that have survived history or new winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. Thus, both Måns Zelmerlöw (2015) and Loreen (2012)’s entries will be inducted among the 48 entries.

More than winning Melodifestivalen songs will be crowned. On this point, Björkman remarked, “[M]an kan bli en vinnare på många olika sätt” (One can become a winner in many different ways). Even interval acts can be crowned in the Hall of Fame.

The trophies given out represent one part of a guldstjärna (gold star). Combined with the other five each year forth, they are meant to paint the whole picture of Melodifestivalen throughout the institution’s decorated history.

Starting this year, a specialized committee will decide between 18 nominated acts, from which the 6 guldstjärnor will rise. These nominations will span the entire history of the competition that has brought together an entire Swedish population, regardless of age.

Image copyright: SVT.

This article was updated 19 January to reflect timeline changes and clarification. 6 new acts will be inducted each year starting next year, not this year.

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