Georgia: Tornike Kipiani to Eurovision 2020

Tornike Kipiani will represent Georgia at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, following his win on the national selection, Georgian Idol.

After ten weeks worth of intense process, Tornike Kipiani has won the right to represent his nation at Eurovision 2020, beating his competitors Barbara Samkharadze, Mariam Gogiberidze and Tamar Kakalashvil in the final. The final outcome was determined by the Georgian audience, via online and phone voting.

Tornike won the programme with 33.82% of the final vote. Coming in second was Barbara Samkharadze with 31.18% of the televote and Tamar Kakalashvil finished in third with 18.38% of the final vote and in fourth was Mariam Gogiberidze with 16.62% of the televote. Tornike’s song will be announced by the Georgian broadcaster at a later date.

Georgia In Eurovision

The Republic of Georgia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, when they were represented by Sopho Khalvashi singing ‘Visionary Dream’, coming in twelth position in the grand final. The nation has participated every year, other than 2009, when they withdrew. They have qualified to the final seven times, finishing in the top ten twice. Georgia’s last entry was in 2019, when they were represented by Oto Nemsadze with ‘Keep On Going’. Sadly, they failed to advance to the final. coming 14th in the semi-final.

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