Netherlands in Eurovision: No Floor Jansen in 2020


In mid-September, ESCtakeover reported about Floor Jansen, unrivaled rock soprano, being the third singer from Nightwish to express interest in representing their countries in Eurovision. There were, however, “logistical issues stemming from Nightwish’s upcoming release expected in early 2020”. Indeed, a month previous, Nightwish had posted tour dates in South America that would come in direct conflict with the Eurovision dates. Delegations need to plan for at least two weeks’ worth of rehearsals and media engagements – not to mention pre-show dates – and the concerts and travel time from South America would only provide for about five days of rehearsal, recovery from jet lag, and any weather adjustments.

In October, the site Eurovision Fun reported that Jansen had spoken in a televised interview and said that she could not represent the Netherlands on stage:

“It would an honor for me to have such a proposal (to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision), but I could not now! I have my own tour [at] this time and in 2020 we have scheduled concerts with Nightwish[.]”

Floor Jansen, a televised interview on 22 October

To put her foot down for all other possible speculation, Jansen took to Twitter and Dutch media, reiterating her earlier refusal. She, however, expressed that it was an honor that people would think of her as an ideal candidate for Eurovision, and may consider it in the future.

So who will represent The Netherlands?

AVOTROS told ESCXTRA that the Netherlands would be selecting their entry internally, following a string of successful internally selected artists. While they have selected a few established artists (Anouk, Ilse DeLange, Waylon, OG3NE) and sometimes given a national final from which to choose songs, an approach to select the best song, like Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade”, has proven most fruitful. Perhaps the most recent victory will give rise to a collection of more motivated Dutch musicians and songwriters in the coming decade; only time will tell!

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