What’s Up Weekly: 26 December

Each week, Eurovision-related news flows to the eyes and ears of the public. This now-biweekly aggregation summarizes the news and gives insight into the cogs turning in the Eurovision machine. The first national final has concluded; more will be coming soon!

This Year in Eurovision

  • The official Eurovision channel has released a video recapping this year’s events. You can watch it above.
  • The Eurovision and Junior Eurovision channels have been releasing top 50 most-watched videos.
    • The Eurovision channel has just begun their countdown. Of the 2019 songs, “Bigger than Us” may be lowest on the list.
    • The Junior Eurovision has released songs in places 50 to 21!
      • 50 to 41: here. The Netherlands appeared three times.
      • 40 to 31: here. Giorgi Rostiashvili (Georgia 2019) has the least-viewed video for contestants this year. Roksana’s rendition of “Share the Joy” rounded out this list.
      • 30 to 21: here. The 2018 common song “Light Up” made an appearance here. Rounding out this part of the list is “La voce della terra” (Italy 2019).
  • As the decade rolls to a close, the Eurovision Twitter also released a montage of all songs that took to the stage this decade. This does not include Romania 2016 (withdrawal by debt accumulation) and Ukraine 2019 (withdrawal by contract negotiation failures). Junior Eurovision’s YouTube channel has also released its own montage.
  • ESCtakeover has released an exclusive analysis of the winning Junior Eurovision song, “Superhero“. Read more about it here.
  • The official Junior Eurovision site has released viewing numbers for Junior Eurovision 2019. 11.6 million people watched, including over 7 million Poles. Read more about the number breakdown here.

Festivali i Këngës 58

The 58th consecutive edition of Festivali i Këngës (The Festival of Song) took place on the 19th, 20th, and 22nd of December at 9PM Tirana time. After the two semifinals, 5 songs from the first semifinal and 7 songs from the second semifinal advanced to the final on the 22nd. After several ad breaks, interval acts from previous festival winners, and other performances by Eurovision 2018 runner-up Eleni Foueira, who as Albanian ancestry, Eurovision 2019 runner-up Mahmood, and Italian singer Giusy Ferreri, the votes were revealed. Arilena Ara and the song “Shaj” (Curse, to be translated to English) were crowned the winner by a meager 3 points and will represent Albania in Rotterdam. The voting breakdown had many people calling foul, but the jurors seem to back their actions up with words that do not appear to be influenced by the state itself. Eriona Rushiti, songwriter of “Ktheju tokës” (2019), seems to suggest that any claims of corruption come from the director’s side and that a foreign jury was not suitable to judge Albanian tastes. Ara did nothing wrong, and if the accusations are justified, she may be a victim as well.

Eurovision 2020: Rotterdam

  • A second wave of ticket sales has been announced. Queue up on 30 January before the doors open! More details can be found here.
  • The juries for national selections are slowly being revealed. Tina Karol (2006) will join Andriy Danylko, more well-known as Verka Serduchka, on the jury for Vidbir 2020. After a year’s absence, Ukraine will decide on their representative on the same show with stricter preliminary rules in order to avoid issues like the ones UA:PBC faced with Maruv. UA:PBC posted details on Twitter.
  • Georgian Idol heads into its final week. The winner will represent Georgia with a song to be determined. Check out the 30-second preview from the show’s YouTube channel here! The show will take place at 9PM Tbilisi time on New Year’s Eve, which is 5PM GMT.
  • Australia has announced all of the competing artists for their national selection. The first song has also been released. More details can be found here.
  • Austria (not to be confused with Australia above) has announced that their internally selected artist is Vincent Bueno. More coverage on this development here.
  • The artists who will compete in EMA 2020, Slovenia‘s national selection, have been selected. Among returning names to the contest are metalcore band Inmate and 2014 Eurovision representative Tinkara Kovač. The full list is below.
  • Croatia has revealed its acts for Dora 2020, their national selection. The acts include Lorena, who was the runner-up in 2019 with the song “Tower of Babylon”.
  • Tickets are available for the Spanish pre-party on 10-11 April! Rates start at 60€ for general admission. Ticket information can be found here. Spots are limited!
The competitors for the next season of EMA, the Slovenian national final.

Eurovision Universe

  • In Memoriam: Alain Barrière, French representative in 1963 from Brittany, passed on 18 December. He was 84. His song, which tied with Monaco for fifth place, can be found here.
  • The Olsen Brothers from Denmark allowed the 2000 audience to “Fly on the Wings of Love” towards a victory. Now, the band has ended its career, as Niels, the younger of two brothers, is gravely ill with a brain tumor. Danish source Billed-Bladet reported this first.

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