Andorra: Eurovision Return Looking Unlikely

Andorra’s return to the Eurovision Song Contest is looking less likely, despite the announcement of a recent return by the broadcaster a few months ago.

Spanish news site Eurofestivales reports that the Ministry of Culture of the Principality of Andorra has confirmed that discussions regarding Andorra’s return to the contest have not took place, with a theoretical return to the contest not being recorded.

The report comes after the announcement that the principality was considering a return to the annual contest, with the leading party of the Andorran government declaring that a cost assessment had took place and the country could support its participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Andorra in the Eurovision Song Contest

Andorra debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004, and participated consecutively until 2010, when they withdrew from the contest due to financial issues. The country’s last participation was in 2009, when they were represented by Susanne Georgi singing ‘ ‎”‎La teva decisió (Get a Life)‎”. The song failed to qualify, coming in 15th position in the semi-final.

Article Source: Eurofestivales

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