What’s Up Weekly: 9 December

Each week, Eurovision-related news flows to the eyes and ears of the public. This now-biweekly aggregation summarizes the news and gives insight into the cogs turning in the Eurovision machine. Junior Eurovision season has passed, and Eurovision news is ramping up!

ESCtakeover Universe

  • Our new writer Michael Haworth has started a series examining the Eurovision history of various countries, Eurofiles. The series began by going through the first years the United Kingdom participated in Eurovision. The series continued through the UK’s heyday up until today. Stay tuned for some stories concerning Sweden!
  • Sometimes, shows do not go exactly as planned. What was not up to par in Junior Eurovision? Let’s take a look in the Junior Eurovision 2019 edition of What Went Wrong!
  • Eurovision songs and people can have large impacts on the world. Read our exclusive article on how Malena Ernman‘s family has had an impact on both Eurovision and the world conversation on climate change ten years after her opera-pop performance.

Eurovision 2020: Rotterdam

National Selections and Artist Reveals

  • Albania has just released the playlist for their national selection Festivali i Këngës. The Albanian selection was rumored to have been rescheduled following a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that left at least 51 dead and hundreds injured on 26 November 2019, but current indications show that the show will go on as planned. The playlist for the 58th edition of the show is here; the artists and scheduled dates are discussed in this previous article.
  • SBS has been releasing names for their upcoming national selection, Eurovision – Australia Decides 2020. Award-winning indie music artist Montaigne and folk artist Didirri will join the growing number of artists set to compete on 8 February at 10:30 CET. Read more about it on the Eurovision website.
  • France TV has announced that France will be selecting internally. The submission process is open internationally, and the official representative announcement will be announced later on France 2.
  • Eesti Laul has released the studio cuts for the songs that will compete in the contest to represent Estonia on the Eurovision stage. The songs can be found here. The final will take place 29 February.
  • CyBC (Cyprus) has announced that Sandro Nicolas will represent Cyprus in Rotterdam. This is the first year since 2017 (Hovig) that Cyprus has sent a male artist representative.
  • After having backed John Lundvik on stage for Sweden, The Mamas are back for more Melodifestivalen action next year. Will they sing in an opening and compete in the same show? We will find out. 27 other acts were also released, as promised in the previous edition of What’s Up Weekly. Read more about the Melodifestivalen artists here. Melodifestivalen is slotted to show every Saturday in February, as well as 7 March, beginning at 20:00 CET.

Design and Logistics

  • The ticket release dates have been revealed. Check out our article summarizing ticket sale logistics, and be ready to jump at tickets on the 12th.
  • The three hosts of Eurovision 2020 have been revealed. Please welcome Edsilia Rombley, Chantal Janzen, and Jan Smit as they plan to host the festivities. More details can be found in our article about the announcement.
  • The stage design has been unveiled. Designed by Florian Wieder, it features an open stage with a catwalk, among other features. Check it out in our coverage!
  • The artwork has been revealed. The circular design reflects the countries that have participated in the contest and when they joined. Read more about it in our article.

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