12th December – Tickets On Sale – Ultimate Guide

The first batch of tickets for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest will be released next week.

On Thursday the 12th of December at 12:00 midday, the first three waves of tickets will be released to the public via Eurovision.tv (International customers) or by Songfestival-Tickets (Dutch customers). The tickets will officially be available by Paylogic, this year’s official ticketing partner. Ticket prices below include the €3.50 service charge. There will be tickets available for all nine live shows, with the second batch being released in late-January and the final batch in mid-March.


  • An Early Bird discount is available in the first batch of sales (12th December) for Semi-Final shows.
  • €5 will be taken off each ticket for a Semi-Final show during the second and third batch of sales (late January and Mid-March)

Ticket Types

  • Standing places (on the arena floor)
  • Seated seats (1st and 2nd tier)
  • ‘Limited view’ seats
  • Accessible seats

Ticket Pricing

  • Semi-Final Family Shows – €18.50 up to €58.50
  • Grand Final Family Show – €48.50 up to €98.50
  • Jury Shows – €28.50 up to € 108.50
  • Semi-Final One & Two (Live Show) – up to €158.50
  • Grand Final (Live Show) – up to €248.50
Semi-Final – First Wave – Ticket Pricing – Photo: Eurovision.tv
Grand Final – First Wave – Ticket Pricing – Photo: Eurovision.tv

Accessible Seating

You can only book accessible seating via this number: +31 20 225 1116

Per accessible seat, you are permitted to bring one other person with you. You need to pay for their ticket also.

Ticket System

Get prepared before 12 noon. When entering the site, you will be given a random spot in the virtual queue, meaning that the system is not based on ‘first come, first served’. Arriving after 12 will result in you being placed at the end of the virtual queue. The system also allows everyone to get their hands on tickets, and to prevent ticket scammers and re-sellers from buying bulk, as a maximum of four tickets for each show is only available.

More Information

  • Information on stage design here.
  • Information on branding here.
  • Information on the three presenters here.
  • Information on the city here.
  • Information on the participating countries here.
Eurovision 2020 tickets will go on sale 12 December 2019

Article & Image Source: Eurovision.tv

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