Eurofiles – United Kingdom – Part 2

Nothing says “Michael, you’re being bias” by doing a two parter on your own country. In the last article, we talked about the 50s, the swinging 60s and the groovy 70s so now we’re talking about the 80s. The decade where Live Aid got us all giving money to charity, the fall of the Berlin Wall united two sides of Germany and three people went on the Eurovision stage singing about Golden Shoes (We’ll talk about you soon Sweden).

Your time will come Sweden.

The 80s started off with Prima Donna going to The Netherlands to represent the United Kingdom. Prima Donna came 3rd with 106 points only behind Germany and Ireland. Fun Fact – in the British national show “Song For Europe”, Prima Donna was tied with Maggie Moone at the end of the voting. The host “Terry Wogan” asked all the juries to cast their vote again by a show of hand which sent Prima Donna to Eurovision.

Prima Donna singing at the Eurovision Song Contest 1980

In 1981, Eurovision was about see one of the best group in the contest history win with one of the greatest song ever to be sung in the contest history. Bucks Fizz was made up of Bobby G, Cheryl Baker (who was in the contest before with Co-Co in 1978), Mike Nolan and Jay Aston. The song was called “Making Your Mind Up” which won them the contest with 136 point but more importantly making them one of the biggest groups in the 80s.

Bucks Fizz at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981

Since their win in 1981, the United Kingdom was struggling to keep out of the top three for 6 years until 1988 where they got second with Scott Fitzgerald and the song “Go” which only lost out to some singer named Celine Dion from Switzerland. Whatever happened to her I wonder?

Celine Dion won the contest with “Ne partez pas sans moi”

In the 90s, the United Kingdom started sending their big stars like Michael Ball, Sonia and Gina G but all of them didn’t stand up to the task of winning the contest. That was until a band who was huge in Britain and America won the contest in 1997. That band was called Katrina and the Waves. Katrina and the Waves won the contest with the song “Love Shine A Light” which got 227 points (This was a huge score to get at the time). This was the last time the United Kingdom would win the contest as the dark ages was coming.

Katrina and the Waves at the Contest in 1997.

The 2000s will always be considered the “dark ages” for the UK. Only being on the left hand side of the scoreboard only three times in 2002, 2009 and 2011 with Jessica Garlick, Jade Ewen and Blue but people don’t remember that they lost to Jedward which came 8th. People like to blame the politics in the contest but I like to blame to style, staging and voices of the songs. An example of this is from 2003 with the song “Crybaby” which was by Jemini. The singers were out of tune and the staging was inadequate which is why the song got us “Nil Point”.

Crybaby got 0 Points on the night.

But hey, you never know. One of these days, we might actually win the contest and show off our British culture once again. We might even have Måns Zelmerlöw as a host since he did a good job on Eurovision: You Decide. Then again, we’re dreaming once again.

On the next Eurofile, A story about the Eurovision’s Golden Country.

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Article Source : Wikipedia, Eurovision

Image Source : BBC, Eurovision

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