What Went Wrong – Junior Eurovision – 2019 Edition

In our new sub-division of What Went Wrong, we’ll look at everything that went wrong during the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest! As this is a children’s programme, we will leave out some mistakes to not offend the artists or delegations.

Issues During The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony for the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest took place at the Silesian Theatre on the 18th of November. Notably, there were a few issues during the presentation of the show, including mix-ups and language issues. Viewers complained that they couldn’t understand some of what Mateusz Szymkowiak was saying. There was also a mix-up with Poland and Portugal in the opening ceremony, with Mateusz mistaking the next country to be Portugal, when it was actually Poland. Despite that, Poland hosted a fantastic ceremony to be proud of.

Russia’s Denberel Falls Ill During Second Rehearsal

During the second rehearsal of Russia in Gliwice-Silesia, Poland, Denberel fell ill. He was later admitted to hospital, with excellent medical care and recovered well before the live show.

In-Ear Failure for North Macedonia During Rehearsal

North Macedonia’s Mila Moskov experienced some in-ear issues during the first dress rehearsal. She later performed again.

In-Ear Failure During Russia’s Performance

In Russia’s live performance of ‘A Time For Us’, the male singer, Denberel had an in-ear problem, meaning he had some trouble in the first minute of the song. Russia later declined a second performance, which was offered by the European Broadcasting Union.

North Macedonia – Microphone Stand Issue

During North Macedonia’s live performance of ‘Fire’, Mila experienced an issue with her microphone stand, as her microphone would not fit in properly. In past editions of Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, this has been a common issue. (Incident takes place at 2:11)

Balloon Popping Issue & Delayed Graphics – France

During Carla’s performance of Bim Bam Toi, she jumps out of the dark with her dancers, hitting a red balloon one of her dancers is holding, which should pop as soon as she hits it. Sadly, the balloon didn’t pop straight away from the force of the needle the dancer was holding. Another notable issue with France’s performance was the delayed graphics. The LED screen features lyrics of the songs popping out onto the screen, an impressive 3D feature. However, there was a second or so delay in the graphics on screen. (Balloon issue takes place at 1:25)

Dictation Problems With Aleksander Sikora & Excitement from Ida Nowakowska

Many viewers complained that they couldn’t understand Aleksander Sikora during his hosting role, and some complained that Ida Nowakowska was too excited during her presenting role for the voting process.

Image Sources: JuniorEurovision.tv

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