What’s Up Weekly: 26 November


Each week, Eurovision-related news flows to the eyes and ears of the public. This now-biweekly aggregation summarizes the news and gives insight into the cogs turning in the Eurovision machine.

ESCtakeover Site

  • We are proud to present EUROCAST, a Eurovision podcast created in partnership with Burnley Radio. This week’s episode covers the Junior Eurovision event from the perspectives of team members Owen and Ellie. Do you agree with the perspectives given? What else do you think? Feel free to leave a comment or leave a comment on Twitter!

Junior Eurovision 2019: A Summary

The 20 contestants from 19 countries sharing the joy with each other in the shared song, “Share the Joy”, produced and written by Gromee (Eurovision Poland 2018).
  • 19 featured groups were selected from all over Europe, a bit of Asia, and Australia to perform in Arena Gliwice in Gliwice-Silesia, Poland. Preparations were made, hosts were announced, and the stage was revealed. The voting method was announced to be the same as the previous year. Our Ultimate Guide showed all the logistical details, and four articles about the musical content within the songs covered the musical aspects in ABC order by country. Article links: One, Two, Three, Four. ESCtakeover also released an article about live sound mixing as it pertained to Junior Eurovision contestants Carla and Melani (France and Spain, respectively) before the contest.
  • The show started, and 19 contestants joined 3 hosts in sharing the joy in musical performances. At ESCtakeover, we followed along with the action on our live Twitter! Eurovision alum Gromee (Poland 2018) composed the theme song of the night, “Share the Joy”, and the news can be found here.
  • The votes were calculated, and Viki Gabor of Poland won in resounding fashion. It was the largest-ever margin of victory by any country, not to mention the first back-to-back victory by any Eurovision nation since 1994, when Ireland won the adult Eurovision contest for the third consecutive time.
  • The voting numbers were released during the show, and further details, including jury split voting, are now available on the Junior Eurovision site. Our administrator, Evan, compiled some data from the show, and it can be found here. A summarized analysis of the online voting numbers can be found in the chart below.
Pictured: a chart showing the percentage of votes each country received when compared to the average (blue), as well as the number of points received from the online voting (orange). Countries are listed by their ISO alpha-2 code.
  • Will we see the same format of voting again in 2020? Only time will tell. Junior Eurovision 2020 is likely to happen in Poland again, as TVP president Jacek Kurski indicated that the station intends to apply to host again during the winner’s press conference.
  • Viewing numbers were released in Poland for Viki Gabor’s win. 7.7 million tuned in from Poland alone at the peak. For contrast, Ireland’s population is about 4.88 million, according to Worldometers.
Winner’s press conference. TVP president Jacek Kurski spoke of the fate of Junior Eurovision 2020 hosting at about 3:57.

Eurovision 2020: Rotterdam

Bulgaria’s return and artist reveal.
  • Last month, Bulgaria announced its sponsored return to the Eurovision stage after one year’s absence. On Monday, Victoria (Georgieva) was announced to be Bulgaria’s representative. She participated in Bulgaria’s version of X Factor and released a music video back in July for a song called “I Wanna Know“. Victoria joins Blas Cantó and Hooverphonic, who will be representing Spain and Belgium, respectively.
  • Hakochav Haba, the national final that selected Netta among other Israeli contestants, has begun! According to Israel Hour Radio, both teenagers and established celebrities are leaving their marks on the show.
  • Less than a month remains before the start of Festival i Kengës, the Albanian national selection. As previously reported, the semifinals will occur on 19-20 December, and the final is the 22nd, the day after Solstice.
  • Melodifestivalen (Swedish selection) artists are scheduled to be announced at 12 noon CET. Stay tuned!

Eurovision Universe

  • Eurovision Asia has been delayed until 2020. 17 countries that expressed their interest in participation will now have to wait another year before they can compete and collaborate musically with each other. SBS, the primary host broadcaster, has indicated that its focus will be on Eurovision: Australia Decides 2020, its national final for Eurovision.
  • Eduardo Nascimento, Portuguese competitor for Eurovision in 1967, passed at the age of 76 on Friday 22 November. His performance from Festival da Canção can be found below.
Eduardo Nascimento singing his future (at the time) Eurovision song “O vento mudou” (The wind changed) at Festival da Canção.

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