Andorra: Eurovision Song Contest Return Likely

Today, it has been reported that Andorra could be returning to the Eurovision Song Contest in the coming years.

Eurovision-Spain reports that certain talks have took place to confirm Andorra’s return to the Eurovision Song Contest. After ten years of absence, the party which advises the Government’s decisions has said that ‘RTVA will return to Eurovision, but not until a cost assessment is made’. They continued with ‘ It allows the artists of the country to have international projection and spread our cultural activity, although Andorra Televisión is the one who has to decide, it is true that it is a media event, an opportunity to place the nation on the map’.

Andorra last participated in Eurovision in 2009, with the song ‘ La Teva Decisió’. They came 15th in the Semi-Final with 8 points. Since then, Andorra has not participated, mainly due to financial problems. Ciutadans Compromesos from RTVE says ‘Returning to the competition would be positive, although it would be an important cost for the station, it would be good if it could be assumed’.

Previous members of the national broadcaster have expressed their joy in the concept of Andorra’s return. Enric Castellet, former director of RTVA for the periods 1995-2005 and 2008-2010 said ‘I want us to return for the press that moves, the networks that do not stop talking and the millions of spectators who see it because, all this, translates into great publicity for Andorra that it could hardly be done otherwise’.

Andorra’s return to the Eurovision Song Contest would cost the broadcaster around 80,000 Euros (on average, in comparison with other non-big five EBU members). The participation could improve Andorra’s tourism and advertise the country to a worldwide audience.

Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Earlier this month, the European Broadcasting Union confirmed that 41 countries will participate in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest on the 12th, 14th and 16th of May. The competition will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands after Duncan Laurence shot to victory in Tel Aviv, Israel with the song ‘Arcade’. The Netherlands last won the contest in 1975.

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