More Scheduling Information Released For Eurovision 2020

Open up to Rotterdam! More scheduling information has been released for the upcoming 2020 Eurovision Song Contest.

The City of Rotterdam has published the document, signed with NOS, with information regarding the hosting of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. Within the document, there are provisional dates, they are:

  • Reference Group Meetings – taking place on November the 11th & 12th, January the 27th and March the 8th.
  • Semi-Final Allocation Draw & Host City Insignia Ceremony – taking place on the 28th of January.
  • Heads of Delegation Meeting – taking place on March the 9th and 10th.
  • Song Deadline – 9th or 10th of March
  • Opening Ceremony (Red Carpet Event) – taking place on May the 10th.
  • Ahoy Prepares For Eurovision – April 1st to May the 23rd.
  • Rehearsals – Starting from April the 27th up to May the 16th.

The Reference Group will be meeting in Rotterdam, The Netherlands for the first time next week. The next meeting will take place a day before the Host City Insignia Ceremony.

Eurovision 2020

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on the 12th, 14th and 16th of May in the Rotterdam Ahoy, which has a capacity of up to 16,500 . The contest returns to The Netherlands since 1975, with Duncan Laurence winning the contest last year in Tel Aviv with ‘Arcade’ with 498 points. This is the Netherlands fifth victory.

© Charles Batenburg

Article Source: City of Rotterdam (Document)

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