Czech Republic: Televised Selection Will Not Be Used In 2020

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Today, ESC Czech Republic has confirmed that the Czech Republic will not be using the planned televised national selection.

After months of planning, today it has been confirmed that the Czech Republic will not be using a live national selection to select its artists. Instead, the TV-based selection will continue to take place which has took place for the past two years. This comes after the resignation of the Czech Head of Delegation last month and the arrival of Cyril Hirsch as the new HoD for the Czech Republic.

The selection, which is based online, presents a selection of music videos and songs picked out by a jury of professionals. Eventually, the online voting is opened which allows the public to have their say in who will represent the Czech Republic at Eurovision.

Below is a confirmed list of dates for the returning selection. The winners’ reveal will be announced the week ahead of the 26th of January (a Sunday).

  • 6th of January: Press Conference and announcement of finalists
  • 13th of January: Publication of competitive songs and start of voting
  • 26th of January: End of voting

After a few weeks of long and very heavy decision-making, we have decided, due to many and many and many circumstances, the TV format for a year moves. We want to do something really different and this year we felt it would just not work so we didn’t miss it.

Quote from ESC Czech Republic’s Facebook Post

Article Source: ESC Czech Republic

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