#UNITED: Introducing The Eurovision Takeover 2020!

ESCtakeover is proud to announce the second edition of The Eurovision Takeover, a site project that aims to bring the fans what they want in elegant fashion. The live show will be on 2 May, and it will air live on 3 May.

What is The Eurovision Takeover?

At ESCtakeover, we try to give fans of the world’s longest running annual televised music competition the news from a fresh perspective. The Eurovision Takeover is a pre-show celebration and gathering that aims to most accurately simulate the result of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The slogan of this year’s show is #UNITED, echoing the unity the Eurovision network’s artistic competitions have created through song and performance.

How can I join in the festivities?

The live show will take place in Newcastle upon Tyne on 2 May. This show will be closed to the general public. However, the show will air live via both Facebook and YouTube on the night of 3 May, which is a Sunday. Everyone is invited to join this live show.

The Eurovision Takeover: Save the Date!

What will be happening during the show?


  • A preview of all the acts and our very own postcard renders
  • A preview of all the interval acts and video skits
  • Simulated voting which includes a typical live audience vote, jury vote, and televote. The jury vote will be constructed using the input of important Eurovision critics and analysts worldwide. Specifics about vote weighting will be revealed at a later date.
  • Modern graphics. All visuals used for this post were made by Evan Walker, site administrator and writer at ESCtakeover.

Here is a mock-up of the Sammarinese postcard:

Stay tuned for upcoming news by following ESCtakeover on social media, including The Eurovision Takeover show itself, and we will keep you updated on the competition and show that has #UNITED all of us!

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