EXCLUSIVE: Athena Manoukian talks new music, Eurovision 2020 and reflects on her X Factor experience.

  • It’s been a super exciting few years for you in regards to your music. We’ve seen you stun the X Factor UK stage, see you release huge hits like XO. You really emerged onto the scene with a bang, How has it been dealing with this fame?

Thank you so much for your kind words. Well, the word ”fame” is a bit overrated for me. I can’t tell you much about it as I see it differently. I see fame as a way to get closer with people that believe in you, admire you and support you in that journey that you both build.

  • Has there been any points where you wanted it to stop?

Although the difficulties were more than enough, I never thought to stop.

  • When you look back onto your time on The X Factor UK, is there anything you would change about your performance?

Considering the positive feedback I get, I think it was just what people wanted. (Ha, ha).

  • The “Manoukian Eurovision Dream” started all the way back in 2008 where you took part in the Greek National Selection for Junior Eurovision. Greece no longer take part in the contest, would you like to see them return?

Aw, yes I’d love it to be back! Eurovision Junior gives you something different. Innocence, talent and purity. Something that’s hard to find nowadays.

  • What did it offer you as a performer?

I can tell you that it offered me the most as I was just starting my music career. It was one of my first experiences and I couldn’t felt any competition.Made me understand that the stage will be my second home.

  • Following the release of your singles you gathered huge traction in Armenia and became a huge name over there in your home nation. There were reports that you were in discussions with Armenian Television to actually take part in The Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 and even 2016! Are these reports true?

For years, lots of reports keep wanting me to represent Armenia, Greece or Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest. That’s really touching because I get so much love and support from my ESC fans every year. And it’s something I’d really want too so….start praying!

  • Obviously in Greece, Helena Paparizou is a huge name, what was it like being able to work with her in 2017 to produce and write her song Palia Mou Agapi?

I love and admire Helena. She is a true artist. It was a creative, beautiful experience and maybe get ready for a second round! P.S Best part was a cake she brought.

  • You later went on to win a Platinum Disc for that song which is a huge achievement Well Done! Would you say this is one of your biggest successes?

I could say that writing this song, having all this experience on studio, it’s bigger success for me than winning a Platinum Disc. Sure, it’s a huge achievement, but in the end, memories are the ones that stay.

  • Now let’s have a little discussion about Eurovision 2020.
    Would you like to be taking part in the contest in Rotterdam if so do you have any preference for which country?

Taking part in Eurovision Song Contest isn’t an easy thing. Needs everything to be organized 100% under the right circumstances. I’d love to live this experience as I can totally take this challenge and represent any country with passion and soul.

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