What’s Up Weekly – 7 October

Each week in Eurovision season brings a slew of news on the Eurovision front. This is an aggregation of all the news from the past week going into next week.

Junior Eurovision 2019: Gliwice-Silesia

Things that recently happened

  • Australia’s Jordan Anthony has released his ballad entry for the upcoming contest, titled “We Will Rise”. The video features him singing and playing piano. More about the song here.
  • Ireland has decided to send Anna Kearney to the competition with the song “Banshee”. She received glowing praise from judges, including 1992 winner Linda Martin. Read more about Junior Eurovision Éire and song here.
  • Melani García, the Spanish representative, has released her song, “Marte”, in full. As previously reported, the song was teased the week before the full version was released. This song features the highest vocals so far in this year’s competition with a G6, which is higher than Elina Nechayeva sang in “La Forza”, which represented Estonia in Eurovision 2018.
  • Tickets are now on sale! The pre-sale ends tonight. Read more about details here.

Things that will be happening

  • The video clip for Georgia’s entry, “We Need Love” sung by Giorgi Rostiashvili, will be released Monday in their 10:30 CEST program “Afternoon” (which starts at 12:30 local). More information about the presentation can be found here. Monday update: the song has been released! Read more about it from us here. Tuesday update: JESC officially updated the song title to “We Need Love”.
  • Monday update: Serbia has released the music video for their entry, “Podigni glas” by Darija Vračević! Read more about it here.
  • Monday update: Ukraine’s representative, Sophia Ivanko, is releasing her video at 11:30 CEST. Watch the premiere here!
  • France‘s representative and entry reveal is imminent! In a recent interview with the new variety and entertainment director, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, Redde-Amiel dropped a hint that the representative would be revealed in a few days.
  • Italy has stayed mum about details of their entrant. As the rehearsals and contest are quickly approaching, the entrant and entry are due to be revealed soon.
  • No further information has yet come out of North Macedonia, Malta, or Kazakhstan. Their entrants – Mila Moskov, Eliana Gomez Blanco, and Yerzhan Maksim, respectively – will perform on the Junior Eurovision stage in November.

Eurovision 2020: Rotterdam

  • Spain has announced that Blas Cantó will be their representative. This is after RTVE announced that Spain would be choosing their artist internally for the first time since 2015, when Edurne performed her song “Amanecer”. Read more about Blas and his history with Eurovision here.
  • Poland has confirmed their participation in Eurovision 2020. The last time they qualified for the Grand Final was in 2017, when Kasia Moś sang “Flashlight” to the tune of 22nd place. Read more details about the participation here.
  • Belgium has decided to send the trio Hooverphonic to Eurovision! The group has dabbled with many different sounds over the years and will attempt to snap a two-year non-qualification streak. Read and listen to more about the band here.
  • In the same interview that indicated that France would be releasing their Junior Eurovision song soon, Redde-Amiel indicated that France will again use a national final to decide their Eurovision contestant. The exact name and form of said national final is yet to be determined.
  • Denmark is changing its selection format. In a Danish press release, DR revealed that they would select 7 songs for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Three others would be chosen from the 9 sent to P4, the radio broadcaster.
  • Aly Ryan, former competitor in Unser Lied für Israel, has submitted songs to selections in Switzerland, San Marino, and possibly Poland, according to ESCUnited. She is known for her technicolor projection routine for her song “Wear Your Love”.

Eurovision Universe

  • Kseniya Simonova, the sand/snow artist for Ukraine 2011/Moldova 2019, placed third in Britain’s Got Talent: Champions. Read more about it here.
  • The Eurovision movie by Will Ferrell is currently being shot in Edinburgh, according to local news sources. Previous coverage on ESCtakeover has indicated that Pierre Brosnan and Demi Lovato are in the cast, who will be filming internationally.
  • Karel Gott, the Czech singer who represented Austria in 1968, passed on Wednesday at the age of 80. His entry, composed by 1966 winner Udo Jürgens, can be found here.

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