Cyprus says…This is a man’s world!

RIK, the Cypriot national broadcaster, has revealed that after Eleni Foureira with “Fuego” and Tamta with “Replay”, they are bound to send a male act to represent the island in Rotterdam.

During the Cypriot talk show “Με Αγάπη Χριστίνα” (Me Agapi Christina), the broadcaster revealed that they have chosen to be represented by a popular young male artist.After talks, they decided to limit the names down to two:Vaggelis Kakouriotis and Ian Stratis.

Who is Vaggelis Kakouriotis?

Vaggelis Kakouriotis is one of the most famous young singers both in Greece and Cyprus. He was a part of the group “Boys And Noise”, who broke up in 2016. He won the 6th edition of “Dancing With The Stars Greece” and collaborated with Luca Hänni (Switzerland 2019) during the “Mad VMAs” for a special cover of the Swiss entry “She Got Me”.

Who is Ian Stratis?

Ian Stratis is one of the biggest rising stars in Greece. He was a runner-up of “The X-Factor Greece 2016” and he stood out because of his eccentric style and unique stage presence. He won “Your Face Sounds Familiar Greece” in 2019 and has been the center of media’s attention since.

What do you think about the two candidates? Which one do you believe is going to win the golden ticket to Rotterdam?

Article Source: Newsbreak

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