Belgium: Hooverphonic to Eurovision 2020

Belgium, a country with two broadcasters and three official languages, has given the responsibility of choosing their next Eurovision entrant to the Flemish (variant of Dutch) broadcaster, VRT. The broadcasters VRT and Francophone broadcaster RTBF alternate responsibilities for the task of selecting the Eurovision entrant and entry. Over this decade, VRT has sent Tom Dice, Iris, Axel Hirsoux, Laura Tesoro, and Sennek. The track record was mixed, with three who did not qualify for the final and two who made it to the top 10.

This decade, they are starting anew by sending the trio Hooverphonic to their neighboring country, the Netherlands. This is the first time Belgium has sent an established band since Witloof Bay in 2011, which did not qualify to the final. VRT is seeking the country’s second win and the broadcaster’s first win ever. Sandra Kim was the youngest-ever winner of Eurovision, and she won in 1986, before the age rule we know today was established.

Hooverphonic with their hit “Mad About You”

Lately, they have adapted a generally pop-rock sound, and with their stage experience, Hooverphonic is trying to reverse the two-year non-qualification streak from the past two years. The last two representatives were Sennek and Eliot.

Hooverphonic with their single “Romantic” (2018).

What do you think about the decision of the Belgian delegation? They will perform on stage in May 2020, and likely earlier in pre-contest shows. Stay tuned!

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