Super Sunday Preview: Poland and Albania to host their national finals for Junior Eurovision!

On Sunday, 29 September, three countries will host their national finals to select at least their singers for Junior Eurovision. In chronological order, host country Poland and Albania will host selections ultimately pitting tens of hopefuls against each other in friendly competition. Ireland is also hosting its semifinal. A short preview will be given for each competition.

Poland: Szansa na Sukces (Chance for Success)

In the past three weeks, contestants in each heat have sung covers of a chosen artist for the week. The winners of each week advanced to the final. The winners were:

  • Nikola Fiedor with her interpretation of “Od rana mam dobry humor” (I’ve been in a good mood since this morning) by Majka Jeżowska;
  • Wiktoria Gabor with her interpretation of “You May Be in Love” by Blue Cafe, which came in 3rd in Poland’s 2003 national final; and
  • Gabriela Katzer with her interpretation of “Panorama Tatr” by Papa Dance.

The acts will be judged by a jury of the lead singers of the artists they covered, as well as the general public’s SMS voting. According to Telemagazyn, the artists will perform two songs: a duet cover from the week they won and an original song prepared for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Gliwice-Silesia. The singer will represent the host country in a bid to win the contest again after Roksana Węgiel won with the song “Anyone I Want to Be”.

The contest will air live at 15:15 CEST on TVP2.

Albania: Junior Fest 2019

The Albanian Junior Fest 2019 features 18 artists and original songs. One of these songs will perform in November. The competing songs and their artists are as follows:

  • Kënga E Ngjyrave (The Song of Colors) – Sidorela Dorti, Kleansa Susaj, Juena Tahiri
  • Ty Mbi Rërë Të Vizatoj (I draw you on the sand) – Violeta Beshiri
  • Jam Shqiptar E Bij Shqiptari (I am Albanian and an Albanian child) – Noel Hoxholli
  • Lunapark (Carnival) – Era Okshtuni
  • Tinguj Zemre (Heart sounds) – Flavia Doka
  • Gjithësia Ime (My Universe) – Trisiana Jata
  • Doli Një Yll (A star comes out/emerges) – Livia Nelaj & Estea Teta
  • Shtet Qytete (State cities)- Bora Llapushi
  • Jemi Fllad I Pranverës (We’re a spring breeze) – Marigleda Lajthia
  • Ëndërroj (I’m daydreaming)- Rumeisa Kola
  • Pushimet (Vacations) – Kristiana Veshaj
  • Ne (Us) – Ajla Rroji
  • Më E Shtrenjta Botë (The most expensive world) – Arseld Muça & Martina Serreqi
  • Jemi Miq Te Mirë (We are good friends) – Sajana Kodheli
  • Per Ty Vendi Im (To thee, my country) – Françeska Kasa
  • Mikja Ime Fëmijëria (My childhood friend) – Isea Çili
  • Një Botë Me Dashuri (A world with love) – Rinea Vitija
  • Mirësevjen (Welcome) – Uendi Goga

The contest will air live at 19:05 CEST on RTSH-1.

Ireland: Eurovision Eire Semi-Final

After 4 weeks, 8 singers remain. The number will dwindle to 3 after this semi-final. According to Eurovoix, two of the singers will be chosen to go directly to the final, and two other singers will be pitted against each other in a sing-off, where the winner also advances to the final. The winner, to be decided on 6 October, will sing a song to be released after the final.

The contest can be viewed on TG4 at 21:30 CEST.

What are your expectations before the contest? Feel free to leave comments!

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