Eurovision’20: The Ticket Scam You Need To Avoid

Recently, it was announced that the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest would take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on the 12th, 14th and 16th of May. Since that release of information, external ticketing companies have been coming up with ideas to make money, for example: by selling fake tickets.

As noted in the Eurovision Song Contest – Official Fans Club on Facebook, which has over 34,000 members, there has been some cases of ticket scamming online, specifically by Rocket Ticket, who are offering ‘ADVANCE BOOKING’ on ESC2020 tickets. Their service offers ‘quick delivery’, ‘dedicated customer service’, ‘loyalty rewards’ and ‘side by side seats’. Of course, every Eurovision fan would know in a flash that this site is fake, but even geniuses can make mistakes.

The tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will not be released for months now, but many sites are jumping at the opportunity at selling fake tickets for an event that does not yet exist. You can double check if these ticket sites are real by checking the branding and description of the event they’re selling tickets, and also by checking what the official ticket service is of the event. You should also check out the reviews, for example Trustpilot, in which Rocket Ticket has an average of 2.2, which is poor.

You can also identify that this is a scam because:

  • We are not aware of the ticket sponsor yet
  • Ticket prices on this site are much higher than originally promised
  • The site is using the 2019 graphics
  • No one ‘pre-books’ tickets that aren’t available.

Raise the awareness about the Eurovision ticket scam by sharing this post with your friends and family, who may be caught into the trap of ‘fake tickets’. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this issue, we highly recommend you contact the official Eurovision Song Contest site, or send us an Email so that we can help you out.

Remember to always stay aware and only follow the official Eurovision sites for information regarding tickets. You can follow the ticket page by clicking here.

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