Final Four: Dutch Junior Songfestival Saturday Preview

Four songs were released in late August and September in anticipation of the Junior Songfestival final this Saturday at 19:25 CEST. Below are the songs with short descriptions and links to the music videos. All songs, shown in chronological order of their release, are in both Dutch and English.

M⭐VES – Make Your Move

Key: E minor
Released: 28 August
Description: The mixed group M⭐VES starts the set of videos off with a peppy EDM track. Sampled vocals feature heavily from the beginning. All four members sing in harmony in the chorus before going off in a sampled breakdown at 0:55. There are also production effects on the vocals, including reverb that makes the tail of the vocals in the breakdown last a long time and chopped-up vocals in the second verse. Depending on the rules for Junior Eurovision performances and the group performance, this song may garner decent support from voters.

M⭐VES performing in the music video for “Make Your Move”.

6TIMES – End of Time

Key: E♭ major, then F major
Released: 30 August
Description: Dubbed 6TIMES to signify the six members in the girl group, this piano-driven pop-soul ballad features a prominent low end thanks to an electric bass likely tuned down to standard E♭, as the bass consistently hits notes below that of a normally-tuned 4-string bass guitar. The piano begins the song with a melody which gives way for the strongly melodic parts the girls sing. The choruses are aptly sung in 3-part harmony. The bass drum and bass guitar, playing simultaneously, add syncopated energy to the song.

Mannes – Let Me Sing

Key: A minor, C major in the choruses
Released: 4 September
Description: This song is a sentimental piano rock ballad featuring a busy electric bass part and alternation between chord playing (think the beginning of Adele’s song “Hello”) and broken chords, or arpeggios, where the notes are not all played at the same time.

Mannes in his music video for “Let Me Sing”.

Matheu – “Dans met jou”

Key: D major
Released: 6 September
Description: As the title suggests, this song attempts to get the audience to dance with an EDM backdrop and plenty of polyrhythmic play in the polysynth parts (polyphonic synths – synthesizers that can play more than one note at a time). The lead vocals are accompanied by several backing vocal parts. The backing vocals often sing a misolmiredo motif behind Matheu in the second half of the song, which played in the intro. The pre-chorus starting at 1:14 has significant harmonizing in the background, which may prove difficult to reproduce fully live. Incidentally, both dance tracks have off-tonic beginnings, where the first chord is not the main chord associated with the key (in this case, D major, but it starts with a G major chord). The instability associated with starting away from the tonic chord may act as a method to put the songs into motion.

Matheu’s music video for “Dans met jou” (Dance with you).

Which one of these songs resonates best with you? Which song will win on Saturday? We will find out soon!

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