Turkey: Eurovision Participation Looking Unlikely

Today, the European Broadcasting Union confirmed that Turkey had not submitted an application to participate in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Turkey will unlikely be participating in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, taking place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The EBU said:

After verification from the clients in charge, I can confirm to you that no candidacy from Turkey has been submitted. Apologies.

Statement from the European Broadcasting Union

This mean’s that Turkey’s chances in participating in Eurovision are looking very slim. We are in the process of contacting TRT, the Turkish Broadcaster, requesting more information.

Turkey in Eurovision

Turkey last participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, represented by Can Bonomo, singing ‘Love Me Back’. They finished 7th in the Grand Final with 112 points. Turkey has won the Eurovision Song Contest once, in 2003, represented by Sertab Erener with ‘Everyway That I Can’. The next year, the event was held in the Abdi Ipekci Arena, Turkey and saw the introduction of the first ever semi-final.

Turkey has not participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for five years, boycotting the contest for reasons such as the ‘unfair rules’ and Conchita Wurst’s victory in 2014.

Article Source: ESCTurkey

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