BBC Axes You Decide For Record Label Deal

The United Kingdom’s broadcaster, BBC, has officially cancelled Eurovision: You Decide.

Today, the BBC officially announced that they had secured a record label deal for the first time in history, with BMG. This means that Eurovision: You Decide will not take place, and also means that they will be selecting their entrant internally, so the public won’t have a say in the decision.

(BMG has a) vision of selecting a song with broad international appeal and securing an artist who embodies the spirit and values of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The record label (BMG), has worked with the likes of Kylie Minogue, Boy George, George Ezra and Simple Minds. BMG’s UK president of marketing, Alistair Norbury said: ”Eurovision plays to our strength as the only fully-integrated publishing company and record label. We can’t wait to get started working with the BBC to give it the best possible shot we can”.

United Kingdom in Eurovision

The United Kingdom has won the Eurovision Song Contest five times, the last being in 1997 with ‘Love Shine A Light’ performed by Katrina and the Waves. Eurovision: You Decide has been used for the last four years, the best result from the selection being 15th in 2017, with ‘Never Give Up On You’ performed by Lucie Jones. The UK last internally selected in 2015.

This year, the UK was represented by Hartlepool-born Michael Rice, singing ‘Bigger Than Us’. He came in 26th place with 11 points. You can watch his final performance below.

Article Source: BBC | Image Source:

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