Rotterdam’s Winning Bid Book Released to Public

The winning bid book by Rotterdam has been published to the public in English and Dutch.

Earlier today, the event executive supervisor of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, Sietse Bakker, announced that Rotterdam’s winning bid book was announced to the public. You can read the book below:

Reading through the published book, we can see that Rotterdam was very enthusiastic to host the contest. Below we have put together some of the best and most informative quotes from the book, which provide interesting information about the city and the hosting venue.

“The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will showcase Dutch creativity and media innovation”

“The Hague supports Rotterdam’s candidacy. I called Rotterdam’s alderman Said Kasmi and we are examining how The Hague can help organise the Song Contest and how we could invest in it. The Hague has a direct metro link to Ahoy, so it is logical for us to partner and to promote our hotels, attractions, museums and activities to visitors.”

Alderman Richard de Mos // Economic Affairs, Sport, the Public Space and First Deputy Mayor The Hague

“Event managers choose Rotterdam. The city is ‘booming, hip & happening, no-nonsense, the living melting pot and increasingly the-place-to-be from an international perspective’, is the feedback we hear.”

• Everything under one roof, compact and multifunctional
• 49 years’ experience in facilitating and organising
large events
• Open location outside the centre; accommodation can
be properly secured, including the large forecourt
• Excellent accessibility by car and public transport
• Its own metro station (Zuidplein) right on the doorstep;
directly connected to Rotterdam Central Station (12 min.)
and The Hague Central Station (43 min.)
• Outstanding digital infrastructure. Regular (live) TV
productions and livestreaming via dark fibre to the
media gateway
• Collaborative relationship with the Municipality of
Rotterdam going back years
• Ahoy Arena with a roof of the correct height and loadbearing capacity and the infrastructure for a huge TV production

With a maximum capacity of 16,426 visitors, the Ahoy Arena offers more than enough room for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Standing room: 7,500 standing places; Seats 1st circle: 3,328 seats; Standing places 1st circle: 500 standing places; Seats 2nd circle: 5,078 seats; TOTAL MAX. AHOY 16,426

”Rotterdam Ahoy is one of our favourite venues in Europe. The venue offers modern infrastructure for hosting live broadcast shows. The support and professionalism from venue management and staff is outstanding. They care about event organisers and their product to ensure a successful show.”

Lukas Peda Senior Events Supervisor (Esports) – Riot Games

Article Source: Twitter | Image Source: Rotterdam Partners

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