Rotterdam Will Host The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest on the 12, 14 & 16th of May!

The European Broadcasting Union and this year’s three Dutch broadcasters have announced that Rotterdam will host the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest.

Rotterdam and the Rotterdam Ahoy have been announced as the hosting city and venue for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The city was shortlisted from five Dutch cities to two, beating Maastricht to the crown and becoming the host city of the contest.

The decision was announced on Dutch television, where a short two-minute clip was televised, announcing the winning host city. This year, three Dutch broadcasters will host the contest; NPO, Avrotros & NOS.

A Look Around Rotterdam & The Rotterdam Ahoy

Here is the Rotterdam Ahoy. Completed in 1971, the Ahoy is viewed as one of the greatest venues, not just in The Netherlands but in the world too. It offers high-class modern facilities and a large 16,400 person capacity in the main arena. Fun fact: The Rotterdam Ahoy has been refurbished & renovated five times! 191, 1980, 1988, 1988 and most recently in 2011. Below, you can take a look around the inside and the outside.

Rotterdam is the second-largest city and municipality in the Netherlands, with a population of around 630,000. It is located in South Holland, The Netherlands. Rotterdam is known for its modern architecture, after being nearly completely rebuilt after the Second World War. Below, you can have a look at some cool sights around Rotterdam. For more information, click on the text.

Attached below is a dcument with more information on the venue. Make sure to have a read through and embrace the new hosting city.

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Guys, it’s official! #Rotterdam is hosting #Eurovision2020. You can find out more here:

Article Source: EBU | Image Sources: Rotterdam Ahoy, MVRDV, City Guide Rotterdam, Holland, Reynolds Polymer, BLIJDORP, Wikimedia, Boijmans.

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