Amanda Aasa to Melodifestivalen 2020; Tim Lööv wins P4 Nästa competition

After competing in Sweden’s version of Idol in 2014, Amanda Aasa of Örnsköldsvik has now won her ticket to Melodifestivalen by way of P4 Nästa, Sveriges Radio’s nationwide competition for both new and old songwriters and artists. Following a month-long call for songs, the 25 local P4 channels each chose a winner, and a national jury selected eight of these winners to compete this past Saturday. After winning her spot from the Västernorrland branch of P4, she impressed the audience and jury in her song “Gå hem” (Go Home). Her voice evoked hints of Veronica Maggio and Molly Sandén, and the acoustic guitar-driven singer-songwriter backdrop also featured more lively drum parts than the studio version recorded before the competition. The jury said of her performance (translated):

With a personal expression and an obvious place in the musical landscape of 2020, P4 Nästa’s jury has decided to offer the place in Melodifestivalen to: Amanda Aasa.

P4 jury. Source: Sveriges Radio

This is a career turnaround for Aasa, who according to the broadcast had struggled following her Idol stint due to bad collaborations and personal issues, but gave herself one last chance to focus on music after applying for both the local music school and police academy. She competed and won the local selection for P4 Nästa in Halland in 2018, but was not selected for the final. Aasa will now take her experiences opening for acts such as Miss Li (co-writer of Mariette’s “Don’t Stop Believing”), Dotter (2018 contestant, co-writer of Mariette’s “A Million Years”, and co-writer of Lina Hedlund’s “Victorious”), and Den Svenska Björnstammen (The Swedish Bear Tribe) onto the Melodifestivalen stage with a new song in accordance with Melodifestivalen (in Swedish) and Eurovision rules (to be updated).

Tim Lööv wins P4 Nästa

Music teacher by day, musician by night, Tim Lööv, also a P4 Nästa veteran, made his way to the national final in his second time competing from Kronoberg and won the competition with his own pop folk song “All I Need is You” and support from both jury and public voting. The combination of jubilant banjos and acoustic guitars, “yee-haw”‘s, drum breakdown, and Smith and Thell-like production spoke to the most voters of all, beating out fellow superfinalist Amanda Aasa in the final public-only vote. According to the rules (in Swedish), the winning song will be regularly played on P4, Sweden’s most popular radio channel.

Listen to the original radio broadcast (in Swedish) here. Featured image from Facebook.

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