Czech Republic: National Selection Taking Place January 2020

The national selection which will determine the Czech Republic’s representative for Eurovision will take place on January 25th.

Our friends at EurovisionWorld reported that the national selection will take place on the 25th of January, next year and will be in the format of a TV show. The news was originally confirmed via a Facebook page, in which they confirmed that the submission deadline is now closed and also announced a change to Eurovision Song CZ’s format.

Performance is the most important thing to support the song.

Eurovision Song CZ

This year, there has been 152 song submissions which is a lower number than last year, but 72 of those 152 are Czech composers and producers;

That is extremely important for our Eurovision participation but also for the Czech music market, one can read in the post mentioned.

Eurovision Song CZ

It means that the Eurovision brand is stronger year by year and more Czech artists want to be associated with it.

Eurovision Song CZ

It has also been announced that five people are working on the production of the show, one of which is from Australia and has past experience with the contest. More details will be released in Autumn.

The Czech Republic at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

This year, the Czech Republic were represented by Lake Malawi with the internet-selected song ‘A Friend Of A Friend. The song advanced through the first semi-final in 2nd position and eventually placed 11th with 157 points.

Article Source: EurovisionCZ, EurovisionWorld &

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