Three Months On: Which Songs Achieved The Most?

Today, we’re going to be having a look at this year’s most successful songs, based on streaming, sales, chart positions and Youtube views. Information correct as of 08/08/2019.

Mahmood – Soldi (Italy)

  • Charts: Top 5 in Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Iceland.
  • Youtube Views: 112 Million (Official Music Video)
  • Streaming Services: 102 Million Streams (Spotify)
  • Certifications: Italy (3x Platinum) & Spain (Platinum)

Duncan Laurence – Arcade (The Netherlands)

  • Charts: Top 5 in Belgium (x2), Estonia, Billboard Euro Digital, Greece, Iceland (x2), Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands (x3).
  • Youtube Views: 19 Million (Official Music Video)
  • Streaming Servies: 67 Million Streams (Spotify)
  • Certifications: Belgium (Gold), Netherlands (Platinum), Norway (Gold)

KEiiNO – Spirit In The Sky (Norway)

  • Charts: No. 1 in Norway & No. 7 in Scotland, Switzerland & UK Download.
  • Youtube Views: 5.3 Million (Official Music Video – Combined)
  • Streaming Services: 18 Million Streams (Spotify)

John Lundvik – Too Late For Love (Sweden)

  • Charts: No. 1 in Sweden and No. 3 in Iceland.
  • Youtube Views: 6.4 Million Views (Audio + National Final Performance)
  • Streaming Services: 27 Million Streams (Spotify)

Bilal Hassani – Roi (France)

  • Charts: No. 4 in Belgium and No. 23 in France.
  • Youtube Views: 15.4 Million Views (Official Music Video – Combined)
  • Streaming Services: 13 Million Streams (Spotify)

Luca Hanni – She Got Me (Switzerland)

  • Charts: Top 5 in Switzerland, Estonia and Iceland.
  • Youtube Views: 13.6 Million Views
  • Streaming Services: 20 Million Streams (Spotify)
  • Certifications: Switzerland (Platinum)

These were the top six songs from this year’s contest in terms of streaming, views, sales and more.

Article Sources: Spotify, Wikipedia, Eurovision Tracker

Image Source:

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