Pierce Brosnan Confimed For Eurovision Movie

Irish Actor, Pierce Brosnan has been confirmed for being part of the cast for the exclusive Netflix film, Eurovision – the Movie.

Joining Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams will be Pierce Brosnan, an Irish-American actor, best known for starring in Mamma Mia, Golden Eye, James Bond and more. The news has been confirmed by Irish Broadcaster RTÉ.

Ferrell discovered Eurovision thanks to his Swedish wife (who also happens to be an actress) Viveca Paulin, who has been a selector for the Swedish representative in Melodifestivalen. Pierce is rumoured to be starring in the film as an Icelander. Filming for the film will continue in London this week and travel to Húsavík, a northern town in Iceland and in Tel Aviv, where this year’s contest was held, three months ago.

The film was first confirmed when Will Ferrell brought along his broadcasting team at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. He also came along to the 2019 contest, alongside Rachel McAdams, who will also both be playing Icelanders, according to RUV. The film will be available on Netflix, as a Netflix Original Film, although Netflix still has not confirmed the creation of the film.

Article Source: RTE, – Image Source: Flickr

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