Anthena Manoukian for Greece/Armenia at Eurovision 2020?

Anthena Manoukian, a Greek singer, has expressed her interest in participating in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest will be taking place in The Netherlands, and is around eight months away, but many musicians have been sparking their interest in participating in Eurovision, one of which being Anthena Manoukian. Now, I know you’re almost definitely screaming ‘It’s impossible! The submission process isn’t even open for months’, you’re right, but that doesn’t meen that the Greek or Armenian broadcaster could look into selecting her internally when the process opens. I mean, it’s always good to have your options!

So, you may be asking ‘how do you know she’s interested?’, well we have found out from her Instagram story. Many Eurovision fans are currently creating their ‘ideal Eurovision Song Contest’ for next year and that was one of the first things to be added to her 24 hours story, with a large heart over the top. Later in the day, she added a question sticker, asking ‘Guess what’s Coming’ with a winking emoji. As you scroll through, you see ‘Eurovision’ is mentioned three times, in which she puts the emoji of a ‘woman shrugging her shoulders’.

She later confirmed that she will be releasing an album, but Eurovision can still be a strong contender for her career. Anthena is 25 years of age and she is from Greece, but also has Armenian descent. To add to her experience, she has participated in the junior spin-off of Eurovision, Junior Eurovision, representing Greece in 2008, with the song ‘To Tili Tis Aphroditis’, which came third. To add to that, Manoukian was previously contended for representing Armenia at Eurovision in 2015 and 2016.

To conclude, we believe that Athena Manoukian could be a great contender for Greece or Armenia at Eurovision. Tell us your thoughts below and on our social media platforms, Instagram, @esctakeover, Facebook, @esctakeover and our new Twitter, @esctakeovernews.

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