Meet the Artist: Melani Garcia from Spain – Junior Eurovision

Representing Spain at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest is Melani Garcia.

Melani was born in Valencia in 2007, in the town of La Eliana. She’ll be representing Spain after 13 years of absence. Melani’s music career began when she was around eight years old, when she became part of her local opera. Her teacher encouraged her into her current musical style, opera, because she taught Melani Mozart’s opera, Due pupille amabili.

Melani learnt violin after not being accepted into the Music Conservatory School due to her age. Currently, she is learning piano. Other than being a musician, Melani enjoys dance, gymnastics and ballet and she has won various sporting awards due to her interest & hard work. ”Vivo Por Ella” was Melani’s first single, released on the 29th of June, 2018. The song is dedicated to the Andrea Bocceli song, made famous by Marta S├ínchez, a famous Spanish singer. Melani released her newest single, ”O Sole Mio” this year which has previously been released by Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Alfredo Kraus.

ESCtakeover wish the best of luck to the Spanish delegation and of course Melani at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which is taking place in Gliwice-Silesia, Poland on Sunday the 24th of November.

Image Rights – RTVE, Spain

With thanks to the European Broadcasting Union & the official Junior Eurovision site.

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