Dutch broadcasters visit candidate city Maastricht

The three Dutch broadcasters, NPO, NOS & AVROTROS visited Maastricht to view their Eurovision 2020 facilities.

A member of the Dutch delegation of broadcasters, today visited the MECC in Maastricht, the candidate city for Eurovision 2020, against Rotterdam and the Rotterdam Ahoy. The press were not permitted to report or be part of the visit, but were given the opportunity to visit the Eurovision-executive of NPO, Sietse Bakker:

We’ll keep the Maastricht bid behind closed doors for now, to see if Maastricht is able to take our concerns into account. I am pleasantly surprised by Maastricht’s enthusiasm. You can really see the enthusiasm.

Sietse Bakke, from NPO, reporting on Maastricht.

VR & the future was the main focus of Maastricht during the tour. They gave the delegation Virtual Reality Headsets to use throughout the venue which allowed them to forsee what the stage and arena would look like if Maastricht hosted the event in the MECC. Although the tour went well, the delegation did have some issues with the planned logistics of the event:

They wanted us to move the stage, as the logistics and set-up surrounding the stage are much larger than we had originally proposed. So, we have to go back to the drawing board.

Rob van de Wiel, director of the MECC, Maastricht

Article Source: ESCXtra

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