ESCTakeover back Maastricht!

We’re just weeks away from the official announcement of which city will host Eurovision 2020 with just Rotterdam and Maastricht left in the running. It follows weeks of rumours that the EBU already have their heart set on the contest being held in Maastricht but what sets the bid out to us as a team?

Well, Maastricht is a beautiful city surronded by history and culture and with Eurovision being an opportunity to learn more about the culture of both the host country and city it will be an interesting opportunity to put Maastricht on the map and for people to see something away from the ordinary. Maastricht are also a very well prepared and enthusiastic bidding city with the city’s people getting behind the bid completely.

Maastricht also have the visitors in mind and have reserved and frozen the price of many hotel rooms within the city! They also have a stunning venue and although the roof falls six inches below the EBU’s guidelines the EBU have confirmed that this won’t be an issue but what I personally find interesting about the last point is that you would know that Maastricht would raise the ceiling if they had too!

Maastricht have also been able to develop a unique campaign with a beautifully simplistic slogan of “Come Closer” and with their promotional video really highlighting the true beauty of the region it’s just a gorgeous thought to be celebrating the world’s biggest music contest in such a dynamic city.

Maastricht also have some great idea’s in regards to the actual contest with plans to link the competing countries to one of the neighbourhoods in the city. An idea that we love! What do you think about the Maastricht bid, do you prefer Rotterdam or is it all to play for in your books? Take a look at the Maastricht candidate video below!

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