Introducing Tweet Takeover

Today, we are launching our brand new live-tweeting & update service, Tweet Takeover.

Tweet Takeover is a Twitter-based live update service from ESCtakeover. Via our new platform, we will be providing the latest updates from all of the Eurovision national selections, main shows and other shows like Eurovision Young Musicians or Eurovision Choir of the Year.

Miss A Show? Catch up via Tweet Takeover, the All-New service from ESCtakeover.

Eurovision Live-Tweeting is not new, and we’re certainly not the first, but our new service will provide more convenient coverage, useful for those who may have missed the show and want to catch up quickly. Tweet Takeover is aimed at Eurovision fans who may not have the time to watch the national selections, but want to catch up on all the action in a few short minutes. We also aim the service at avid viewers, who would like to know every detail of the event.

Junior Eurovision Live Tweeting, included in #TweetTakeover from #ESCtakeover.

Our service is in your pocket and easy to access. Plus you can always turn on post notifications to never miss a Tweet. We hope you enjoy our new program, and we value your feedback so feel free to let us know by contacting us here. We also conduct Instagram Polls every month to gather useful feedback. Click here to follow us on Instagram.

To be a part of our new Tweeting Service, or to join our news site, please click here.

And finally, click here to follow & catch up with Tweet Takeover, the NEW & EXCLUSIVE feature to ESCtakeover news.

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