George Ezra’s Budapest has a secret Eurovision backstory.

George Ezra one of the best selling British solo artists of the decade, but one of his hits has Eurovision backstory which you might not expect. During Glastonbury 2019 Ezra told several anecdotes in relation to his music with his song Paradise about his tour of the West Coast of the US and Hold My Girl being about Ezra’s love for drunken karaoke but you might not know about the interesting backstory behind Budapest.

Ezra stated that to write his first album;

“I took a trip, bought myself a train ticket to travel around Europe. There was one stop where a friend of mine put me in touch with three Swedish girls that said I could stay with them.

Ezra then continued to explain how the girls wanted to watch the Eurovision Song Contest whilst he was staying at their house. Much to Ezra’s dismay however his bad mood didn’t end there as he found he couldn’t get alcohol after a certain time in Sweden and ended up buying a bottle of rum from a man in the park (because he couldn’t watch Eurovision sober)

This rum made him feel a bit iffy the next day and as a result of his Eurovision attitude he never made it to Budapest. If it hadn’t been for the fact Loreen managed to bring the competition to Malmo in 2013 Budapest may never of been released. We wonder if George Ezra still watches the song contest now?

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