RTVE under scrutiny for very high SMS & call rates for Eurovision this year.

TVE, Spain’s National Broadcaster, has came under scrutiny for the high phone & text rates for calling in to vote at Eurovision.

Speaking to Eurofestivales, Rodolfo Domínguez, the commercial director of RTVE explained about the high cost of SMS, Mobile & Landline televotes;

The management of the Eurovision Televoting is not the direct responsibility of RTVE, but rather of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).They are the ones that fix the company the coordinates of the entire televote system in Europe and reach specific agreements in each of the countries. In Spain, rates are based on telephone rates, which historically are higher than those of the rest of Europe.

Rodolfo Domínguez, Commercial Director of RTVE

Rodolfo commented on a ‘decrease by 25%’ to the costs of placing a vote, explaining that, compared to 2015, televoting in Spain is substantially cheaper. But is this true? In 2015, it cost €1.45 (that’s around £1.30) via a fixed network (e.g. Landline) and €2.00 to vote via a mobile (£1.79). Via SMS, the cost of a vote was around €1.45, dependant of exact location.

In 2019, the costs are relatively the same, the only change being the SMS, which has reduced by 25% ( €1.09 this year). RTVE has not lied, but not told the truth either. Yes, the SMS vote was reduced by 25%, but the other ways of voting are still incredibly high, meaning less people will vote for their favourite act during Eurovision.

ESCtakeover have contacted RTVE for further information regarding this.

Article Source: Eurofestivales

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