Kosovo & RTK express disappointment of the EBU rule change failure

Kosovo’s national broadcaster, RTK and their director general has expressed his disappointment of the failure of the EBU Membership rule change.

RTK’s director general, Ngadhnjim Kastrati spoke on yesterday’s edition of Kosovo’s evening news, expressing his sadness and disappointment of the EBU rule change result, in which the five participating broadcasters did not make an agreement to allow Kosovo to participate in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Ngadhnjim stated the following:

An attempt to change the EBU’s statute began years ago by former RTK director Mentor Shala, with a great support from the Albanian representative and managed to gather five signatures in order to the EBU’s statute continued to change in order to enable RTK to be a fuller part of the EBU, but something else happened, despite being prepared to receive the necessary votes. The Serbian state had telephoned almost all the embassies, even to the countries they have known to us to prevent Kosovo from becoming full members of this organization, to prevent the change of the EBU statute.

Ngadhnjim Kastrati – Director General of RTK

He ended by thanking the EBU for their time to discuss the issue;

I want to thank the EBU Director General and the EBU Board Director for their commitment to change the statute. We also have a chance to reapply, but until next year we have no right to do so.

Read more about the final decision here.

Article Source: RTK Kosovo

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