The vote for Kosovo’s EBU membership takes place this month


This month will see the vote for RTK to become a member of European Broadcasting Union.

Previously attempted in 2010, Kosovo will be attempting to become a member of the European Broadcasting Union this month. Becoming a member of the EBU this July could mean that we see their debut at Eurovision 2020.

Kosovo is a disputed territory in Europe. Their entry into the contest could see countries withdrawing from the contest, so a vote is needed to ensure that their participation is agreed with all participating broadcasters and member states.

Mentor Shala, the general director of RTK stated that the broadcaster was ‘still pushing for full membership’ and hopes to debut at the contest in 2020.

What are the alternatives if their membership is declined?

If Kosovo’s EBU membership application is declined and the vote is not sufficient, the country will not be eligible to participate in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. But, that’s not it. The state could apply to participate in contests like Junior Eurovision and Young Dancers as there are less countries competing. EBU members like Kazakhstan and Wakes do not hold full membership with the European Broadcasting Union, but are still eligible to participate in other Eurovision contests.

ESCtakeover are on no particular political side in the Kosovan dispute. We just want peace and love for every human being worldwide. Please refrain from using political views on our social pages or in the comment section below. Thank you.

Do you think we could see Kosovo debuting in 2020? Comment down below.

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